A holistic education based in Art, Community & Nature
A holistic education based in Art, Community & Nature
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We acknowledge that the Land on which we live, work, and upon which our school is built is Land that carries knowledge and wisdom. Deep knowledge has been stored in this Land by the People who have cared for it and lived in relationship with it since time began: the Dakota, the Lakota, the Nakoda, the Plains Cree, the Anishinaabe, and later on, the Métis People. We seek to honour these Nations by creating meaningful relationships between our school community and the members of these Nations. As active participants in Treaty 4, which was signed not far from our school in the fall of 1874, we recognize our responsibility to these Nations to protect the Land beneath our feet and to learn its lessons. Today, and every day that we step foot upon Mother Earth, Prairie Sky School affirms that we are committed:

  • to learning the knowledge of this Land;
  • to pursuing right relationships with the traditional caretaker-nations of this Land; 
  • and to upholding and honouring their wisdom and culture.

Prairie Sky School Vision

We educate children holistically through Art, Community, and Nature.

Our Purpose ~ To deliver the Saskatchewan Curriculum through:

Art … where our curriculum is integrated with visual and performing arts offering mindfulness, expression, and creativity in a natural, beautiful, and purposeful environment.

Community … by nurturing an ethic of support and care:

  • As individuals, we are open, empathetic, and socially responsible.
  • We foster inclusive, holistic relationships that start with individuals then blossom out into the larger community and world.

Nature … through an indigenous lens we care for:

  • The Natural World: We foster our interconnection to the natural world; land, place, people.
  • Human Nature: We celebrate the balance of Head, Heart, and Hands (critical thinking/academics, social/emotional learning, experiential learning/real-life skills) and support the freedom to be who we are.
  • The Nature of Learning: We honour our students’ intrinsic desire to learn and thrive in a safe and holistic environment with effective leadership.

Latest News

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🔊📚 Our mahihkan-nīpisiya ~ Wolf Willows students wrapped up their sound review with a hands-on exploration of vibrations, echoes, and sound-absorbing materials. The tuning fork station was a particular hit! This project-based approach to learning allowed our students to engage directly with the principles of sound, leading to a deeper understanding of how vibrations create sound, how echoes work, and how different materials interact with sound waves.

🔍🌟 By working through a series of interactive stations, our students were able to draw conclusions about the characteristics of sound, including pitch and loudness, and assess the impacts of sound-related technologies on our lives and environment. This aligns perfectly with the Saskatchewan Curriculum Outcomes for Science 4 (SO4.1, SO4.2, and SO4.3).

At Prairie Sky School, we believe in a project-based approach to learning, where hands-on activities foster true understanding in subjects like math and science. Our students don't just learn concepts – they experience them, making education engaging and meaningful.

🚀📖 Ready to see how this innovative approach can benefit your child? Enroll now and join a community where learning is an adventure every day! #prairieskyschool #projectbasedlearning #stemeducation #HandsOnLearning #Enrollnow #STEAM #educationforall #creativelearning #holisticeducation
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🌿🌊 Exciting Adventures at the Habitat Conservation Area! 🌿🌊

Our latest field trip to the Habitat Conservation Area with Connor from the Wascana Centre was an unforgettable experience! We learned so much and had a blast exploring the wonders of nature. 🦆🐾🦋

🌟 Highlights of Our Day 🌟
🦆 Discovered duck eggs and learned to identify animal signs through footprints, nests, scat, feathers, and fur.
🐟 Pond dipping adventure: Found snails, dragonfly babies, tadpoles, minnows, and various water bugs. It was amazing to see so much life in a single pond dip!
🌸 Created beautiful nature bracelets using flowers and plants we picked while offering tobacco to Mother Earth as a sacred medicine and gesture of gratitude.
🌳 Ended our day with a nature walk, observing plants and trees up close with magnifying glasses.

Our students explored key concepts aligned with the Sask curriculum:
🌱 ES3.2: The interdependence between soil and living things and the importance of soil.
🐦 AN2.1: The growth and development of animals during their life cycles.
💧 AW2.2: The importance of air and water for the health and survival of living things.
🤝 TR2.1: Understanding treaties as the basis for sharing land and resources harmoniously.

Today was a full day of learning and fun, and we're sure you’ll have some tired but happy kids tonight! 🌞👧👦

Come join our Prairie Sky School community, where learning meets adventure and nature becomes the classroom. 🌍📚

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🌟 Why is Play So Important? 🌟

🥳 At Prairie Sky School, integrating play into the learning environment is one of our foundational pedagogical principles. But why is play so essential, and what is its connection to learning?

Play is the developmentally innate way young children explore and process the world around them. And it doesn’t stop there—play-based education benefits children of all ages (and even adults)! 🌍✨

Here's why play is crucial:
🧠 Enhances cognitive, physical, creative, social, and emotional skills
🤝 Teaches cooperation, sharing, and conflict resolution
🏃‍♂️ Increases physical activity and fitness
💡 Fosters resilience, creativity, and innovation
🎉 Makes learning enjoyable and relevant, boosting motivation and retention

The United Nations reports that play helps build relationships, improves problem-solving, and assists in overcoming trauma. It’s key to helping children thrive in a rapidly changing world. 🌱📚

At Prairie Sky School, we embrace a developmentally appropriate, child-led educational experience that values the connection between learning and play. When learning incorporates play-based pedagogy, children thrive and are happy to learn! 🌟👧👦

How did you celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of Play today? Share your adventures and join us in honing the power of play! 🥳🌍🎈

#InternationalDayOfPlay #PrairieSkySchool #PlayBasedLearning #ChildDevelopment #Education #CelebratePlay
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