Application Process

Thanks for your interest in our school!

This is how our application process works:

  1. Visit Prairie Sky School. Join us at our Open House or book a personal tour.
  2. Submit a New Student Application Form.
  3. Attend an Intake Interview.
  4. Prairie Sky School will contact your family references.
  5. Discuss, sign and return all registration forms.

New students joining years 1-8 will also be invited to a Trial Day, where they can experience our school.

Note: Our waitlist can be extensive. We recommend applying two years in advance for Junior Kindergarten admissions.

Entrance Age

Junior Kindergarten

The age criterion for Junior Kindergarten admission will be four years of age on or before September 1st of the enrolment year.


The age criterion for Kindergarten admission will be five years of age on or before December 1st of the enrolment year.

Other Programs

The age criterion for Year One admission will be six years of age on or before December 1st of the enrollment year.​

For all other grades and/or programs, enrollment will be dependent on student’s age and their intake procedure.

Student’s transferring to PSS from other schools/programs will be assessed on their readiness for the year/program and will be placed accordingly (ie. a Student’s enrollment in grade three at School X will not guarantee enrollment in year three at PSS). 

Why Choose Prairie Sky School

“We chose Prairie Sky because of their efforts on reconciliation, the connection with the earth, and the intentionality of the teaching methods. We are happy that our kid understands the importance of connection to the earth, learns different indigenous languages and about the groups of people that coexist on this land (first peoples, métis, settlers, newcomers) and the role we all have towards mending this land. The school is very intentional in its teaching, and they often bring in experts on the topics they want to teach. Our kid has learned about respect for life and is gaining not only important life skills like cooking, navigating outdoors, and gardening, but also more confidence in their abilities. Our kid’s emotional intelligence has increased along with their coping skills. We noticed that their vocabulary and articulation skills also improved through the creative play/learning style of the school. We appreciate that the school’s intention is to work with the families to address the challenges that children face through their educational journey. We were very excited to join the community and have not been disappointed!”

~ Gabriel Martinez, Software Developer

“We chose Prairie Sky School because we want our kids to love learning. Prairie Sky’s approach to learning through Art, Community, and Nature means that our kids learn through fun adventures in our community, providing them with joy and connection. Because they are not given number grades or tests, our kids don’t have to be anxious about performing at a certain level; rather, they get to be themselves and pursue learning activities that spark their curiosity. While it may seem like a lack of grades would mean that, as parents, we lack information about our kids learning, this is not the case. We learn more about what our kids know and do from thoughtful feedback, pictures, and discussions provided by our kid’s teachers than any numerical grade or short comment could teach us. We are also so thankful for the way that the school allows for deep ongoing connections with teachers and other students. Finally, Prairie Sky School is a place where our kids get to live reconciliation and base their learning on respect for and connection with the First Nations and Metis people of this place.”

~ Jamie Mayoh-Bauche, Instructional Designer, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Our three children have attended Prairie Sky School since grade one. Each child is honoured for their gifts and helped gently where they need it. We are constantly in awe of all the amazing things that our kids get to do. Most of all, our children are becoming curious, active learners. Given their respective learning disorders and attention spans, this is a great relief. Having worked and learned in regular schools, we are certain that our kids would not see themselves as talented, gifted learners in those environments. At PSS, our children are learning in an outdoor environment, about the world we live in from a First Nations perspective. They are given opportunities to learn the names and uses of plants, the cycle of life in the natural world, and learn the Cree language. They are so proud to be First Nations people and have shared their powwow dancing skills with their classmates many times. We are thrilled that our children get to grow in an environment that is nourishing to them as learners, culturally as well as by meeting the rest of their needs.”

~ Kevin MacKenzie, Porter at Regina General Hospital & Melinda Van Hove, Music Therapist