“We learn by doing.”


Primary Years Program

The Year 1 to 6 program at Prairie Sky School takes place in an environment where children learn through and about art, community, and nature. Students spend a significant amount of time outdoors and in the community, and have access to performance and visual art modes of expression in nearly all of their experiences. We have multi-aged classrooms with a maximum of 16-18 children per classroom; often breaking into varied interest groups for grade-level instruction or project work.

Art: Regular integration of visual and performing arts and culture is integrated into the learning environment and the academic curriculum. Community artists also participate in school activities, and student works are shared with the school’s community.

Community: The physical learning environment extends from the classroom into the surrounding neighbourhoods and parks, while families and community members frequently participate in school activities. Our intimate school size enables close connections among students and families. A sense of community support is provided while encouraging a returned sense of responsibility.

Nature – The Natural World: Practices that encourage ecoliteracy, including outdoor and experiential learning, fosters students’ connection, appreciation, and responsibility to the natural world. Integrated practices range from healthy food choices, celebrating seasons and natural cycles, to eco-friendly lifestyle practices such as composting and recycling.

Nature – Human Nature: Focuses on integrating the child’s mind, body, and spirit in the learning process. The world of imagination is fostered by learning holistically through the arts and other subjects. Waldorf also brings together practical real-life skills with theoretical and intellectual learning.

Nature – The Nature of Learning: Learning is self-directed within a guided environment, supporting the view of children as capable, knowledgeable, and curious. Projects are student-led and interdisciplinary. Daily experiences are celebrated and examined deeply with student understanding expressed using the ‘hundred languages’ of children. Core values include relationship building and fostering an ethic of care.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin